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INTRAcel RF Microneedling

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INTRAcelRF Microneedling

INTRAcel RF microneedling is an exciting advancement in skin rejuvenation. It uses thermal radiofrequency energy to tighten subdermal tissue and promote collagen production. Thanks to INTRAcel RF microneedling, Broomfield patients experience improved skin texture and appearance. At Original Skin Med Spa and Laser Clinic, we are expert providers of this popular treatment.

What is INTRAcel RF Microneedling andHow Does INTRAcel RF Microneedling Work?

Microneedling for skin rejuvenation has been in use for quite some time. This treatment prompts a healing response on a cellular level. Subdermal skin cells increase collagen production as a response to microscopic needle pricks. This leads to tighter skin, reduction of acne scars, and a host of other benefits.

To enhance this process, INTRAcel RF microneedling combines traditional microneedling with delivery of RF energy. Thermal radiofrequency energy waves stimulate further collagen production in the subdermal tissue layers, greatly enhancing the results.

Smoother skin texture is visible immediately, and effects will continue to maximize. The reduced appearance of poor skin conditions can last a year or more.

Am I a Good Candidate forINTRAcel RF Microneedling?

This innovative FDA-approved treatment is minimally invasive and appropriate for all skin types. If you are unhappy with acne, acne scars, other types of scars, fine lines, oversized pores, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, or light skin laxity, this could be the solution you have been waiting for!

Specific prescribed or over-the-counter medications that promote blood thinning should be avoided, if possible, before treatment. A consultation with our team will ensure that it is the proper skin-rejuvenation treatment for you.

What to ExpectDuring INTRAcel RF Microneedling

The treatment area will be cleaned with an antiseptic and then numbed with a topical anesthetic for additional comfort. When maximum numbness is achieved, the patented INTRAcel RF microneedling device will be used to pierce the skin with tiny needles in quick successive movements. These needles will emit RF energy in the skin tissues.

This portion of the procedure is approximately an hour in duration. Patients commonly report experiencing minimal discomfort, if any, during the procedure.

What to ExpectAfter INTRAcel RF Microneedling

Recovery time after treatment is minimal. Patients are encouraged to have light activity for a day or two; rest will allow your body to focus on healing. Temporary after-effects such as redness, swelling, or mild discomfort may occur but are usually no longer present after a few hours.

Patients should temporarily avoid other med spa services and certain skincare products that may cause irritation. Patients should sleep face up and keep their heads elevated to lessen swelling and avoid infection. Instructions regarding activities to avoid and proper skincare will be provided.

How Much DoesINTRAcel RF Microneedling Cost?

INTRAcel RF microneedling’s price varies and is determined based on factors such as the severity of the issues being treated and the size of the treatment region. Multiple sessions may be recommended to achieve the patient’s goals. A detailed treatment protocol and cost information will be provided at your consultation.

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