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AviClear Acne Laser

Conveniently located to serve Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, Arvada, Northglenn, Louisville and Erie.

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what isAviClear Acne Laser?

At Original Skin MedSpa in Broomfield, CO, we are excited to offer the first and only FDA-cleared energy device treatment to significantly eliminate mild to severe acne on the face, chest, or back.

the future ofpermanently clear skin

A future without worrying about your acne. It could be just three, quick 30-minute laser treatment sessions away. AviClear Acne Laser specifically targets the sebaceous glands, the glands that cause the oily substance in your skin. After treatment, you will produce less oil, and your acne with get better and stay better! All skin types and colors can be treated with AviClear Acne Laser. Whether you have adolescent acne or adult/hormonal acne, AviClear Acne Laser will clear your skin.

Clinical studies have proven the existing treatments for acne are not long-lasting, and certain cremes and medications cause challenging side effects. AviClear Acne Laser is literally the future of permanently stopping breakouts at the source. It is a safe, well-tolerated, and drug-free approach with great results. After treatment with AviClear Acne Laser, your acne will get better and stay better.

isAviClear Acne Laser painful?

The device is designed for patient comfort, with AviCool skin cooling and sensory controls to maintain your skin’s temperature during treatment for a more comfortable treatment. During treatment, you may notice a slight snapping sensation. In clinical studies, patients tolerated the treatment well without the need for numbing cream.

How Long Does anAviClear Acne Laser Treatment take?

Just 30 minutes for the face and 1 hour for the chest or back.

How ManyTreatments Do I Need?

You will need three treatments, spread one month apart.

How Much DoesAviClear Acne Laser Cost?

$1.000 per treatment. We offer CareCredit, a financing option for patients that prefer to pay over a period of time.

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