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As we age, we begin to loose the underlying structures in the face that once gave us a youthful appearance. With the gradual loss of collagen and facial fat we begin to see the visible signs of volume loss. No matter how well you take care of yourself, the signs of aging and volume loss are inevitable.

effects ofvolume loss

Losing facial fat makes your face appear concave and deflated. You end up with under-eye hollows because of the loss of the fat pads under the eyes. Loss of facial fat also leads to sunken cheeks and temples. Constant dieting contributes to the amount of fat in your face and weight loss can show up in the face as volume loss.

On the flip side, excess facial fat from weight gain results in excessive fat around your eyes, jaw, and chin, and you end up with under-eye bags, sagging jawline, and a double chin

The loss of collagen in the face causes wrinkles, lines, and skin that has lost is tautness. When collagen is depleted, you will begin to notice crow’s feet, drooping brows, laugh lines, jowls, and thin lips.

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